Join the growing number of preprint evaluation communities on Sciety

Join the growing number of preprint evaluation communities making Sciety their home on the web.

4 months ago   •   1 min read

By Mark Williams, Shane Alsop,

Logos of some of the various evaluating groups using Sciety

A group on Sciety represents a team/collective of scientists who evaluate and curate preprint research articles. If this sounds like you, let Sciety showcase your work.

Groups take many different forms on Sciety, from preprint journal clubs such as those facilitated by PREreview to larger organisations such as eLife who are publishing Reviewed Preprints that combine the advantages of preprints with the scrutiny offered by peer review.

Sciety aggregates preprints and any associated commentary from across the web, and is agnostic to the journals, platforms and preprint servers you use. By presenting associated evaluations in context alongside a preprint, we tell the larger story of a preprint's evaluation history, making it easier for readers to judge its usefulness and combat the firehose of emerging preprint literature.

And if that already sounds good, the benefits don't stop there. Sciety offers groups:

  • A home on the web. You do the science, let us handle the technology to help you share it
  • An overview of your curation activity. Validate your group activity with rich, interactive data dashboards that show who is engaging with your group
  • AI assisted article recommendations. Decide what to read or evaluate next based on what you have read or evaluated previously

So whether you are five people reviewing preprints together when you get a chance, or an established Society or journal that publishes peer reviews, let Sciety be the home of your public preprint evaluation on the web.

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