Sciety Product News 04/03/2024

4 months ago   •   1 min read

By Mark Williams

The latest in preprint innovations from, the home of public preprint evaluation.

What's new

  • 🚀 We surface the latest insights from two ACMI reviews in real time with intended presentation, eg. bold formatting for easier readability.
  • 🚀 You can now explore a wealth of scientific research with access to over 150k OSF preprints across various OSF preprint servers, integrated into Sciety Labs (our experimental site), accessible via our API and soon to be included on

You can see examples of those in the related articles section of:
 10.31222/ (MetaArXiv)
 10.31223/x5hd6g (EarthArXiv)
 10.32942/x2tk66 (EcoEvoRxiv)

We are also indexing engrXiv who are in Crossref but recent records are missing the abstract resulting in not being considered by the related article functionality.

The next step in this direction would be to extend support to preprint servers with DataCite DOIs (such as arXiv).

  • 🚀 We've improved indexing capabilities, facilitating the organisation and access to a larger volume of evaluations within the Access Microbiology group.
  • 🚀 We're elevating the visibility of curators and groups by spotlighting lists on group pages. This sets up further work to easily identify individual curators and visually engage with curated content.
  • 💪 We've enhanced platform security by addressing vulnerabilities associated with list descriptions, ensuring a safer and more secure user experience.

What's next

  • We continue to explore how to improve visibility of collections of articles on Sciety
  • We are looking at how categorisation of articles might help research discovery.
  • We will be upgrading our DocMaps to the latest spec to enable work on ecosystem plugins

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