Sciety product news 29/01/2024

4 months ago   •   1 min read

By Mark Williams

The latest in preprint innovations from, the home of public preprint evaluation.

🚀 What's new?

  • Article cards on Sciety now point to the most recent expression of the paper, whether that is on a preprint server or a journal.
  • There are fewer pages failing due to missing data in Crossref.
    fixed peer review indications on article cards.
  • We took part in the second meetup of the 'preprint review metadata working group', an output from the Building a technological foundation for preprint review workshop.
  • Sciety search exposes the Access Microbiology articles that we currently represent. We expect to add more in the coming weeks

🔭 What's next?

  • Sciety lists may contain different expressions (versions) of a paper. We need to make sure this makes sense for users.
  • We'll be supporting more preprint servers through search and related articles.
  • Figuring out how group representatives can create lists for their groups. and making sure group representatives understand how they can go about creating lists on behalf of their groups.
  • We're looking forward to hosting a networking call in the next few weeks for all our reviewing and curating groups on Sciety and sharing the latest developments.

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Sciety is based around the aggregation of preprint review and curation activity, we want to know what information researchers need to understand whether the preprint/evaluation activity is of use to them.

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