Sciety product news 14/2023

a year ago   •   1 min read

By Mark Williams

Easter week at Sciety, where there's always plenty to be egg-cited about! πŸ₯š

πŸš€ In delivery

  • Sciety search now supports ScieLo preprints and Research Square (two additional preprint servers to BioRxiv and MedRxiv). We already support displaying articles and evaluations from these servers, but they've now been added to search.
  • We've mitigated a problem that saw missing avatars for people that had changed their profile image on Twitter.
  • Sciety also has a presence on LinkedIn and YouTube. There is plenty more to come on these channels, so please like and subscribe for updates.

πŸ•΅οΈ In discovery

  • We've been testing changes to search where we've added information about preprint servers and search order and been talking to people about how they discover and are recommended 'stuff' online. We hope to improve how Sciety surfaces content to people to improve their discovery of preprint research
  • We're testing out new designs that improve the information hierarchy on our pages and communicate the importance of curation as part of the journey of a preprint. As a result, Societies and Journals will be able to increase readership and engagement by having a presence on Sciety.

If you'd like to know more, please book a call with the team.

πŸ§‘ In person

  • Our latest event 'Preprint discovery: Keeping on top of the latest research' saw Chair Cristian (V.A.) Munteanu joined by Sciety’s Product Manager, Mark Williams, and eLife’s Community Manager – Outreach, Shane Alsop, to discuss the implications of increased preprint adoption. The post will be updated

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