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3 years ago   •   2 min read

By The Sciety Team
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Over the last 6 months, a lot has happened with Sciety. We thought as the academic year draws to a close, we could highlight some of the achievements here, especially to appreciate all the feedback we have received. We are using the things we have heard from you to mould the application. So it’s all down to our engaged users; and we are grateful.

New Groups added

One of the core offerings of the application is to make it easy for our users to find preprints, as well as their evaluations. In that strain, we are increasing the numbers of those Group on Sciety steadily. In the period we are reporting on, we have added 6 Groups, with 3 of them specifically focused on COVID-19. These create a variety of disciplines for enriched preprint evaluation. The number of Groups now stands at 15. You can read more about our COVID dedicated groups on Sciety here. Check out each Group’s page by clicking these links: NCRC, RR:C19 and ScreenIT.

Search (for preprints)

We are delighted that you can now search and scroll through thousands of articles on Sciety. Your search results will be shown in separate tabs for articles and for Groups. Search results now contain more information, for example: number of evaluations and date of versions, etc. You can also now search by using advanced search operators to group words together, exclude words or use wildcards to expand your search terms. Read more on getting the most out of Sciety search with our recent post.

Refined user profile pages

Your personal page on Sciety now includes separated tabs for your lists and Groups you follow. We are moving in the direction of developing multiple lists to help further organise your articles, so watch this space. We are constantly improving the application and any feedback will be highly appreciated. You can give us feedback on this without waiting.

Delete articles from your list

A few weeks ago, you could not remove articles from your saved list. Once our users told us they would like to do this, we got to work on it, and in no time, we provided that button. This gives autonomy to the user in editing their list and deciding when to add and remove articles. We want to build the best tool that does what you want it to do for you.

Subscribe button

Over the last few weeks, we have been testing the concept of allowing users to subscribe to lists curated by others. Subscribers receive a weekly digest of new articles added to the lists they are interested in. We’re interested in feedback on this - would you like regular updates on lists that your colleagues are curating? Let us know and get in touch.

In the next season, there will be more. We are also recruiting for focus groups; users who can tell us what the think the application should do and their expectation. We found that group discussion helps bring more nuance and compliments ideas.

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