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A list on Sciety is a collection of your own hand-picked articles, stored in one place for easy reference and sharing.

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By The Sciety Team

A list is a collection of articles that you find interesting, want to highlight or perhaps want to save for later so that you can follow their journey. With Sciety you can save articles to a list and share a link to the list with colleagues.

How can I create my own list?

When you find an article you are interested in and want to save it to your list, just click the ‘save to my list’ at the top of the article page, and it will save it to your list. If you are not logged in, this will trigger the log-in process. Please log in with your Twitter account. And the process will complete and return you to the page of the article you were saving.

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Further information on Lists

Why lists?

We learned that one of the reasons some researchers do not curate preprints they are reading is the belief that curation is for certain people in the sector. They also haven’t had an easy-to-use resource for organising and sharing their curation activities. Sciety breaks down these barriers. A list gives every researcher, no matter the career stage, the ability to save their articles of interest, into a central place. This list can then be used for whatever purpose the individual desires, including curating it easily, using it for reference, improving accessibility and efficiency in finding articles without having to jump from one platform to another. We considered many terms to represent a ‘list’ of articles but found this simple word both universally understandable and easy to use.

What other lists are there?

On Sciety, there are different types of lists. The two major ones are user saved articles and Groups’ evaluation lists. These two operate, behave and are organised slightly differently. However, both can fulfil the purpose of curation, with Groups’ lists being generated because of their evaluations and reviews of the articles.

User saved lists on the other hand show articles that an individual user has saved for many different reasons; some are for future reference, some to watch the development of the article and some want to showcase interesting articles they have found.

As we go along, we hope to enrich the list feature by increasing user autonomy to organise saved articles in a way that makes it effective, and efficient for you.

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How can I find other lists?

Currently, there are a number of active lists on Sciety. We have highlighted some of them on the home page to help you discover these lists. If you make a list, we would be happy to hear your experience and how we can improve further.

We’re working on ways to surface more lists on Sciety - some ideas we’ve had so far are to show when an article is part of a list on its article page, adding them to search, creating a page dedicated to recent activity on lists and encouraging groups to add human-curated lists to their page.

Can I be notified when articles are added to this list?

Some of our most active lists can be subscribed to for Weekly Digest. We are still working on implementing a notification system.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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