Sciety product news 21/2023

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By Mark Williams

The latest in preprint innovations from, the home of public preprint evaluation.

🚀 What's new?

  • If you haven’t already taken the opportunity, make sure to read the latest blog post from eLife Ambassador Brian Spurlock, posted for Pride Month and reflecting on a recurring theme in the history of queer scientists: seeking solace amid societal challenges.
Pride Month 2023: Seeking safety in solitude
“We can thus only imagine what, if anything, these scientists gained from their periods of relative solitude, surrounded on all sides by leaves and snow, fish and stars.” In the third of Sciety’s Pride Month series, Brian Spurlock reflects on a recurring theme in the history of queer scientists: a
  • NEW FEATURE: On we have introduced another AI based feature that's graduated from Sciety Labs. You can now view articles that relate to any list on Sciety. We've had some great feedback on this from people who are creating lists on Sciety that help them keep up to date with related research and in the case of groups inform what they peer review. See this in action by visiting any list on Sciety and selecting 'See articles related to this list on Sciety Labs'.
  • We have introduced further support for OSF preprints, so that we can now show articles that have been evaluated on the PsyRxiv preprint server.
  • Group curation statement summaries now appear on all article cards across the site. This is a great indicator for readers that shows at a glance how important or interesting the preprint is to the ever growing number of communities that are highlighting preprints.
A search page on Sciety shows group curation statements when they are available
  • On Sciety labs, we fixed a problem that makes sure we can show related preprints for preprints even if they have been published in a journal.

🔭 What's next?

  • We'll be promoting preprint curation over the coming months and inviting communities that are reviewing and/or curating preprints to discuss this opportunity. As part of this, we'll continue to evolve the pages relating to curating groups.
  • We'll be turning our attention back to people reading the research by increasing the affordances to follow the things they are interested in; article reviews and curation status, lists, curators etc.
  • We'll also be focussing on representing the wider preprint conversation, with greater improvements for other forms of curation, such as those people highlighting the preprints that they think are interesting. We're hoping this all feeds into and encourages more preprint review and curation.

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