Sciety product news 23/04/2024

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By Mark Williams

The latest in preprint innovations from, the home of public preprint evaluation.

✨ What's new?

  • 👥 Our Group Networking call last week, facilitated by Shane and Daniel H, allowed for some useful conversations around the topics of:
    • Would it make sense to notify authors that their preprint is under review?
    • How to promote preprint reviewing in ECRs
    • Best practices to scout and select preprints for review
    • Use of AI in preprints/peer review

      The community calls are proving a great way to talk about the issues that matter the most right now to communities showcasing their preprint evaluation on Sciety, and let us share some of the latest developments within the product.

      If you are interested in joining the next call, drop Shane an email

⏩ What's next?

  • ✏️ We're continuing work in the background on making it possible for group reps to update their own Sciety pages, starting with featured lists.
  • 💬 We're getting feedback on content for new pages with specific resources for new groups and how to get started on Sciety.
  • 🎉 We'll be launching a 1k Follower giveaway. We're fast approaching 1000 followers on Twitter, so we want to celebrate Sciety becoming more widely used as a tool for discovery and organisation of the research. If you're not already... give us a follow @ScietyHQ and stay tuned for details!

💡 Let us know what you think

We want to build Sciety with you and we welcome all feedback and ideas. Book a 1:1 call with the team to learn more about our latest changes and help us plan the for the future for equitable, open research outputs.

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