Sciety product news 30/04/2024

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By Mark Williams

The latest in preprint innovations from, the home of public preprint evaluation and curation.

✨ What's new?

  • We added a bunch more evaluated articles by Access Microbiology to our staging site. This is in prep for promoting the group and will provide us insight on how we present these reviews on Sciety
  • We now have an API endpoint to allow a group to add a featured list to a group page. This will allow us to create a user interface to let groups update their content on Sciety
  • We're investing in our infrastructure more broadly across eLife and have defined a new associated outcome for this activity:

    Technology/Process: support the discovery and delivery of a researcher-oriented product

    We expect the following to be true in the world when we achieve this objective:
    • Developers are not routinely stopped by 'fires' while they are trying to deliver a new feature
    • We are able to make lots of small changes in a short time to evolve the product
    • We keep the product available to end users while we sleep
    • We are able to observe application and customers behaviours to learn from them

What's next?

  • We will continue to work on the UI for group reps to update their content. Starting with featuring lists
  • We will continue to add more Access Microbiology content ready for announcement
  • We're working with PubPub and The Unjournal to index more of the group's evaluation content on Sciety and help them highlight relevant preprints

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