Sciety product news 27/2023

Individual curation raising the visibility of the latest research

9 months ago   •   2 min read

By Mark Williams

The latest in preprint innovations from, the home of public preprint curation.

🚀 What's new?

List annotation

We've continued to improve the reading and curation experience on Sciety, preparing the way for individual Scietists (still hoping this word sticks 😁) to convey why a preprint is interesting or important. We believe that individual curation plays a key part in raising visibility and fostering a positive dialogue around the latest research.

We introduced article annotations some time ago and had positive feedback, so we're now making this available to more people. This week, we've made some improvements to how these appear on lists like Reading List by Prachee Avasthi and this list on the Natural History of Model Organisms by eLife.

Home and About pages

We've also spent some time helping Sciety convey it's role in the bigger picture of Open Science.

Beautiful illustrations on the homepage, not only add colour, but also convey the value of expert group review and curation of the literature.

Our About page now shows the data of our group curation and the growth of preprints and evaluation over time.

  • We also increased the presence of the Sciety triangles 🔺 🙂

Additional improvements

  • You can now browse groups from the article card as group names are now linked.

  • We've put curation statements into Noto Serif font for readability
  • In Sciety Labs (Our experimental resaerch site) we are now using OpenSearch, which is the first step to give more freedom in supporting more preprint servers and providing related articles for evaluated preprints.

🔭 What's next?

  • Having focussed on how annotations are presented to readers, we are now looking at the experience for people adding them to their lists. It'll soon be easy to comment/note/annotate (call it however you like) on articles and share your thoughts with others.
  • We want to make it easier to represent more group evaluation activity and are currently working with ASAPbio and PREreview to do this.

💡 Let us know what you think

We want to build Sciety with you and we welcome all feedback and ideas. Book a 1:1 call with the team to learn more about our latest changes and help us plan the for the future for equitable, open research outputs.

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