Sciety Product news 30/2023

6 months ago   •   2 min read

By Mark Williams

The latest in preprint innovations from, the home of public preprint evaluation.

🚀 What's new?

  • Highlighting the latest research raises visibility of preprints and we want to make this a great experience. You can now add line breaks and quotes in comments in form fields. This applies to comments on articles in your public lists and in list descriptions.
  • Highlighting the latest research is also a valuable contribution to scientific discovery. We want to make this contribution valuable and rewarding for researchers so that it becomes a common practice. We're starting to do this with success notifications when you comment on an article in your list 🎊
    • We've also improved the UX and accessibility of the comment form.

🔭 What's next?

  • We're working on representing review and curation activity from new groups. This requires technical investigation into how we aggregate versions, reviews and recommendations from a range of sources. It also means we'll be able to reflect a more detailed picture of the journey of a preprint.
  • We'll soon be able to recommend evaluated preprints and preprints from more preprint servers on article pages and open this out as an API.
  • We'll be exploring how we can raise visibility of evaluated preprints and how we can make it a rewarding experience to do that on Sciety.

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