Sciety product news 11/2023

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By Mark Williams

Everyone loves a list. As of this week, Sciety lets you organise as many public lists of preprints as you like. šŸ“šŸ“šŸ“

šŸš€ In delivery

When you are logged in and navigate to your lists on Sciety, you will see the option to 'Create a new list'. Choosing this will take you to the 'Edit list details' page where you can specify the title and description.

Profile page in Sciety showing multiple lists
Profile page in Sciety showing multiple lists

When you view an article page, you will now see options to add the article to more than one list.

Article page showing multiple lists

Try it out today and share your new lists with your peers by using the following social card and hashtag #EvaluatedPreprints

Social card for Sciety lists

šŸ•µļø In discovery

  • šŸ‘‰ On Sciety Labs, we continut to experiment with AI powered article recommendations based on the one you are reading or the ones you have saved. We'd love to talk to people about how they might use these recommendations and related articles in their work. We're also trying out AI generated images, using GPT-3 to help indicate the topic of the research. If you'd like to know more, please book a call with the team

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