Sciety product news 17/2023

a year ago   •   1 min read

By Mark Williams

Here's the latest in preprint innovation from, the home of public preprint evaluation.

🚀 What's new?

  • We've improved the way the preprint conversation is represented within article activity by showing which highlight a comment related to and including author responses. You can see an example in this article page.
  • We have released a promotional guide for groups using Sciety. The guide contains a set of social cards, email banners and badges that can be used to communicate group activity on Sciety.
  • We've implemented a way to provide thanks to reviewing communities when authors click 'thumbs up' on a review they found helpful.
  • We fixed a bug that means evaluations ingested erroneously can be removed as necessary.

🔭 What's next?

  • We're working on a way to show related articles to people when they are viewing an article page. You can preview related articles in our experimental site, Sciety Labs.
  • We'll be rolling out the improvements to representing the preprint conversation across all articles.
  • Our next area of focus is representing the distinct types of evaluation activity we see on Sciety; from Curation through Review, Feedback and Commentary and making this clear to readers to aid them in evaluated preprint discovery.

💡 Let us know what you think

We want to build Sciety with you and we welcome all feedback and ideas. Book a 1:1 call with the team to discuss and learn more about our latest changes and planned updates.

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