Sciety product news 16/2023

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By Mark Williams

List discovery part II. As part of our current theme of 'Discovery', we've improved the article pages to show which lists an article belongs toπŸ“

πŸš€ What's new?

  • We've shipped an update that shows all which lists article has been curated in. The UI will be developed, but for now we have simply placed them as a list at the bottom of the page.
list of lists that an article belongs to

Here are some articles that nicely exhibit this:


  • A small update to our lists page now shows avatars of the people associated with the lists.
  • We fixed a bug that means we now filter out MIT publications that aren't relevant to Sciety users.
  • Sciety Labs: In addition to the previously added RSS feeds for lists on Sciety, there is now a RSS feed for article recommendations of lists. We Β heard from researchers that's it's hard to keep up to date with the evolving world of preprints and we believe that an RSS feed for article recommendations is a commonly used method to subscribe to website updates. Researchers could use an RSS client showing them what new papers have recently been recommended. Alternatively, email notification or similar can be setup using common automation tools.
  • We have evolved the state of an evaluation within Sciety (to allow removal of an evaluation)

πŸ•΅οΈ What's next?

  • We're looking for people to provide feedback on active and passive discovery processes; how people search for stuff online and how recommendations might influence the decision to engage with the result.
  • We've continue to test changes to search where we've added information about preprint servers and search order and been talking to people about how they discover and are recommended 'stuff' online. We hope to improve how Sciety surfaces content to people to improve their discovery of preprint research.
  • We're testing out new designs that improve the information hierarchy on our pages and communicate the importance of curation as part of the journey of a preprint. As a result, Societies and Journals will be able to increase readership and engagement by having a presence on Sciety.

If you'd like to know more, please book a call with the team.β€Œ

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