Building to user needs - Focus Groups.

In an age where an audience can be spread across the globe, ensuring equitable engagement is at the forefront of our outreach efforts in this regard.

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By The Sciety Team
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We are building Sciety to respond to user needs. To achieve this, we are constantly speaking to users through various methods, exploring their needs, perspectives and expectations, and identifying problems that need solving. Our approach is to build a tool that solves the problems our target audience encounters.

We recognise how flexibility is necessary for us to reach a wide range of users. In an age where audiences can be spread across the globe, ensuring equitable engagement is at the forefront of our outreach efforts.

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Over the last few months we have increased direct user engagement, expanding it to include regular Focus Groups. These have been vital in helping us identify the various ways in which Sciety speaks directly to the expectations of users. Our Focus Group members bring insights that inspire our decisions of what to build next and help us present existing features in more useful ways.

Seeing Sciety through the eyes of users establishes an outside-in approach to building the application. This helps us find where functionality and presentation are both practical and appealing.

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If you have comments about Sciety or would like to join other researchers in a Focus Group to share your opinion, understanding and suggestions, we welcome you to join us. We have regular Focus Groups and will invite you to one. We also welcome one-on-one discussions.

You can use this form to join our focus group and contribute to how we mould Sciety.

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