Surfacing preprints from the Global South

One list on Sciety has now broken this barrier, becoming the first to be themed along geographical regions.

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By The Sciety Team
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Sciety is built on the principle to shine a light beyond where open science usually found. It provides an open and transparent application that helps you organise, evaluate and curate your own choice of preprints of interest. Sciety sees this as a way forward, where discovering new and interesting papers is peer-led and influenced by other researchers like you.

Of the growing number of individually curated lists on Sciety, the vast majority are themed on subject areas, with some being very niche and in specialist fields. While these do include works from across the world we believe it is possible that works from underrepresented regions might not always appear in this type of list.

One list on Sciety has now broken this barrier, becoming the first to be themed along a geographical region. Although the content of this list ranges in subject and speciality, its importance cannot be overstated. It highlights the importance of a free, open, inclusive and transparent application where experts can showcase the preprints they find most important, without external or traditional influence.

The Zona Pellucida list shines a light on selected research coming from the Global South. Sciety does not influence the decision of individual curators or groups, because we recognise the need for equal participation that will ultimately contribute to the dialogue and make open science available to all.

The list is curated by Stefano, a PhD student who believes that “there is a need to give particular attention to these works due to the disadvantage they face in a [science] world dominated and led by the Global North. These works are on the fringes, and usually may not be noticed or recognised,” he concluded. However, their contribution to the openness of science enriches the collective effort to improve the world.

You can subscribe to this list and stay on top of works coming from the Global South. We will be sending out a periodic Digest to subscribers to help you discover new science from this region with new perspectives.

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