Sciety product news 2/2023

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By Mark Williams

We've been focusing the majority of our efforts around expanding authentication options, improving the journey for curators who add context to their lists by editing the title/description and catching up with more of our evaluating communities,

šŸš€ In delivery

  • Acting on the feedback we've had so far on our functionality to edit the title and description of a list, we've helped signpost curator's lists' to the curator by changing 'My Profile' to 'My Lists'. We found that it's hard for people to find their lists once they've edit them. We aim to explore the concept of profiles at a later date, but for now we believe it's more important to help people find their own lists.
Sciety home page with 'My List' link highlighted
Sciety menu page with 'My List' link highlighted
  • Again from feedback, we found that it's confusing as a curator to know what to do with an empty list. So we've improved the messaging to encourage them to search for more articles.
List page with search CTA highlighted
  • As part of this work, we've also created a consistent experience across search by defaulting to return results for evaluated articles. You can still filter by all articles should you wish.
  • On the backend, we have more robust tests e.g. in CI due to having stateful read models based on events instead of calling out to third parties.
  • We've Improved page load speed.
  • We have a walking skeleton of signing up with email and password .

šŸ•µļø In discovery

  • More discussion with our evaluating groups this week. Some of the organisations we work with are looking at how they help develop communities of preprint evaluators, so it's interesting for us to think about how we might support them on Sciety.

šŸ‘€ At a glance

Some weekly stats you might find interesting. This is from Friday 6th - Friday 13th and details the number of evaluations added to Sciety, the articles that have been evaluated and the articles that have been added to lists.

Sciety statistics for week of Friday 6th - Friday 13th

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